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Playing Rule Changes for Hurling in 2024

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There are three changes to the playing Rules of Hurling and Football made at Congress 2024 and which come into effect this weekend (for games played from March 23rd 2024 onwards).

Treatment of injuries - Players who are seriously injured can continue to be treated on the field of play. However, a player not seriously injured and who requires treatment, must be treated off the field of play and can only return to the field at the halfway line, at a break in play and with the referee’s permission.

This applies at club and county, at all grades, and in both football and hurling

Removal of Helmet - In hurling, a player who removes a helmet or has it removed for treatment must leave the field of play and can only return to the field at the halfway line, at a break in play and with the referee’s permission.

This applies at club and county but not at Minor level or below.

Cards in Extra Time - Extra Time is now considered to be a continuation of normal time with respect to Red, Black and Yellow cards. This means where Extra Time is being played:

- Red Cards: A player who is sent off in normal time cannot be replaced for extra time (e.g. a team that receives a red card in normal time will start extra time with 14 players)

- Black Cards: A player who has received a black card with less than 10 minutes remaining in normal time must be listed on the team for extra time and the period remaining for his black card will be used up in extra time (i.e. no change to existing Rule)

- Yellow cards now carry into extra time - a player that receives a yellow card in normal time and receives another in extra time will be shown a red card.

This applies at all levels (Club, County, Schools etc) and grades, and in both football and hurling

The full wording of the new Rules is outlined as an Appendix to this document.

Note – the motion passed at Congress which made permanent the awarding of a penalty (and issuing of a Black Card) for the denial of a clear goal scoring opportunity will only apply at senior inter county level in 2024

This rule will apply at Minor, U20 and Junior intercounty competitions from January 1st 2025.

This Rule does not apply in the club game at all.

Appendix – Wording of new Rules:

  1. Treatment of Injuries

Rule 1.5 (a) Injuries: General, Rules of Control. Official Guide Part 2 (page 13) Now reads as follows:

Play shall not be stopped for an injury to a player, except in exceptional circumstances to enable a seriously injured player to be treated on the field or removed from the field of play. All other injuries shall be treated off the field off the field of play.

An injured player shall leave the field at the nearest point. The player may at a break in play, and only with the referee’s permission, return to the Field of Play at the centre point of either sideline.

  1. Removal of Helmet

Rule 1.5 (b) Injuries: Blood or Suspected Head Injury, Rules of Control, Official Guide Part 2 (pages 13-14) – the following is added section (iii):

(iii) A player in Hurling who during a game removes their helmet or has had it removed by a player/official on the player’s own side shall be presumed to be potentially injured and shall be instructed by the referee to immediately leave the Field of Play to be assessed for injury and the helmet refitted.

The player shall not return to the Field of Play until the next break in play, at the earliest, and with the permission of the referee.

  1. Extra Time

Rule 2.5 - Rules of Specification - The Players

Players in Extra-Time – Official Guide Part 2 (page 7) now reads:

a) At the commencement of Extra-Time, a team may replace any or all of the Players on the field of play at the conclusion of Normal Time

(b) A player ordered off in any circumstance in Normal Time, may not play in Extra-Time and may not be replaced

c) A player in receipt of a Black Card and ordered to the Sin Bin for ten minutes with less than ten minutes remaining in normal time shall be one of the players on the List but shall serve any remaining time in the Sin Bin in Extra-Time.

d) A Caution (Yellow Card) issued in Normal Time shall carry over into Extra-Time as shall a Black Card. e) The Referee shall be given a List of the players starting Extra-Time, or a Note clearly indicating the changes made from that of the finishing team in Normal Time.

This List/Note may be in single form but shall otherwise comply with the provisions of Rule 2.4 - List of Players. f) In an Inter-County Game, only players on the List submitted to the Referee prior to the game may start Extra-Time. g) Substitutions/Temporary Substitutions shall be allowed during the playing of Extra-Time as outlined in Rule 2.3(ii) and (iii).

In addition Rule 3.4 - Rules of Specification –Time - Official Guide Part 2 (page 8) now states as part (e) that:

Extra-Time shall be considered to be a continuation of Normal Time save where provided for otherwise in these Rules.

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